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Mayor Brown fails to Negotiate a Police Contract for a Third Straight Term

Mayor Brown has been on the job over 8 years now and he has yet to negotiate a contract with the City’s police union.  Every year this mayor touts reduction in crime yet never once has he awarded the men and women who work so diligently to facilitate this reduction. 

Over the last 8 plus years the City of Buffalo has set aside over 90 million dollars to settle contracts and yet he has not designated one pay raise to police officers.  Every union in the City of Buffalo has had their outstanding contracts settled by this mayor with the exception of the police union.  Can anyone justify such a stance?

Inflationary cost has grown over 11% since Mayor Brown took office.  Cost of living has increased over 27% in that same period.  Bills keep rising and it is tougher and tougher keeping pace in today’s economy.  Mayor Brown thinks every other union worker deserves a chance to try to keep their households above this rising tide except police officers.  Why is that?

Mayor Brown has granted his Police Commissioner raises totally over 14% in just the last four years, yet the rank and file received nothing.  Mayor Brown cites a yearly reduction in crime.  How does he think this happens?  Does the mayor think that the Police Commissioner is the only responsible party for this reduction?  If the Police Commissioner is doing a job that warrants such a large raise wouldn’t the same logic apply to the rank and file officers?  Where are their raises?

The Buffalo PBA has tried to negotiate with the Mayor for over a year and we are still no closer to a negotiated contract than they were in 2006.  Buffalo Police officers' pay is over 20% less than their counterparts in other municipalities in Western New York.  This disparity continues to grow with every passing day, as does the mounting wealth of City’s unreserved fund balances. 

Once again this union is forced to have a neutral party settle an unresolved contract.  Once again we will only see a partial settlement of a long standing labor dispute and it will only cover a short period of two years.  So, the hard working men and women of the Buffalo Police Department will be left without a negotiated contract for yet several more years.  When will this vicious cycle end? 



Line of Duty Fatalities Increase Dramatically

Any one working in the law enforcement profession should take notice of the drastic increases in police officer fatalities in 2014.  The increases are extremely alarming and should shock anyone who stands the line in protecting society.  Police officers killed in the line of duty as a result of gun violence this year has increased over 72% from last year and New York State has the highest ratio of these fatalities per  capita.  Buffalo, NY is still the 4th most violent city in the United States of America.  Additionally alarming to these facts is new call of the radical ISIS member to inflict death on any police officer in the United States.  We should not lose sight that Buffalo is an international border city and there is a very high potential for the influx of terrorists.

Remember, it is our job to protect society against evil.  It is not our job to die performing that duty.  Be safe, be careful and be vigilant.



The Buffalo PBA would like to express their sincere condolences to the Pierson family and the entire Rochester Police Department. 

The members of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association have donated over $24,000.00 to the Daryl Pierson Memorial Fund.  The Rochester Locust Club has extended heartfelt thanks to all those that have donated to the family of this fallen hero. 

If you have not had a chance to donate to the Daryl Pierson Memorial Fund please do so by sending your donation to:

The Daryl Pierson Memorial Fund
c/o The Rochester Police Locust Club, Inc.
1425 Lexington Avenue
Rochester,  NY  14606


Download: line of duty fatalities 2014.pdf



These are just some of mandates by which the PBA operates.  The PBA operates almost entirely for the benefit of its membership. 

  1. To negotiate collectively with the City of Buffalo on behalf of the Police Officers employed by the City of Buffalo.

  2. To promote greater acknowledgement from the public of Buffalo Police Officers as members of their profession.

  3. To serve as a conduit for exchanging information amongst the members of the association on matters of common interest.

  4. To give aid and assistance to Police Officers and Police Associations wherever possible.

The PBA does not comment to the media on personnel issues, especially those that are under investigation by the Buffalo Police Internal Affairs Bureau, the Erie County District Attorney’s Office or any federal investigative agency.   

The Executive Staff of the PBA is comprised of active duty Police Officers and we firmly believe in the presumption of innocence; which is the corner stone of this country’s criminal justice system.  As such, it would not be appropriate for the PBA to comment on any matter where one of its members might be accused of some wrong doing. 



Patricia Parete - Memorial in Washington, DC