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    • Happy to see Mr Suttles will be going away for 3 1/2 years after pleading guilty to one of his gun charges......

      In Albany for PCNY meetings. Thursday there are IAD interrogations. There are also informal disciplinary hearings on Thursday. Fri we have the bi-weekly webex conference with the Statewide Coalition.

      Why people don't simply comply with police officers is beyond me...


      RIP Skip McDougald

      The bodies are piling up in the city and the admin's focus is on police officers filling out paperwork.....pathetic.

      Do not discard the City's health care open enrollment letter. Even if you are not making any changes, send it back in !! They are using it as an audit to make sure they aren't paying out benefits to any deceased members as well.

      Today 4/5, we have the Board of Directors mtg. This Thurs at 1900 we have the General Membership mtg via Zoom. Coordinates will be sent out prior...

      We have IAD interrogations on Tues, Wed and Thurs.

      With all the shootings and murders occurring in our city I'm sure there is going to be mass demonstrations of outrage.....

      Happy Dyngus day to all our members of polish descent !!

      Have a Happy and safe Easter !!


      What a joke these so called police reforms are. Police aren't the problem. Simply comply with the officers orders and you won't have a problem. It is not complex.

      The PBA office is closed this Fri 4/2, in observance of Good Friday. Enjoy Easter weekend !!

      Congrats to LT's Valerie Stover-Kelly and Linda Stanchek on their pending retirements, today is their last day !!!

      RIP Trooper Gallagher. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice.


      Praying for the officer and those killed in Boulder Colorado.

      Retired BPD Det John Garcia's first fundraiser for Sheriff is completely sold out. Great to see !!

      Congrats to all those getting promoted this afternoon. May the new position be all it is cracked up to be !!

      Have to say it is really pathetic that the politicians keep putting more and more scrutiny on police as the criminal element is running wild assaulting, shooting and killing people. 

      We're attending a seminar on IAD/50A/FOIL/Discovery this Mon Tues and Wed.

      City streets are proving to be very dangerous these days. Shootings and murders are common occurances...


      Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley who was named as the special prosecutor in this Suttles case, found no wrongdoing on the part of our officers. Looking at the incident and applying NYS law determined the officers did nothing wrong. We look forward to their return to full duty!!!

      Next week we have a financial mtg on Monday, Tues,Wed and Thurs we have grievance and disciplinary hearings.

      Congrats to Homicide Det Jimmy Kaska on his retirement !!


      As if City businesses aren't already operating at a disadvantage due to limited parking,,,, they implement mile long school zones in order to fine drivers.....Ridiculous!!!

      On Mon Mar 1 we have the Board of Directors mtg. PCNY on Tues and Wed. Wed we have IAD interrogations, be sure to stop by the PBA office prior. Thursday at 1300 hrs is the General Membership mtg, again on Zoom. Coordinates will be texted out prior...

      RIP PO Bob McLellan - 23 yrs ago

      Congratulations to Narcotics LT Chris Kochersberger on his retirement !! Enjoy !!!

      Congrats to PO Robert Delaney on his recent retirement !! We wish him well !!

      RIP - PO Sean Godios, he will be missed...


      Am grateful that the Erie County Grand Jury saw through the charade. Mr Gugino embellished and exaggerated his fall. Through his own actions he hit his head on the ground. He arrived at Niagara Square to purposefully provoke these officers. He played many with his actions, actually made fools of them. I'm glad it's over and look forward to the officers returning to duty. Thank you Atty's Tom Burton and Joe Latona. They were ready for trial with a great deal of vindicating evidence. Thank you as well to the silent majority that stood behind these officers. 

      PO Joe Donovan has retired, from the mighty 98th!!! Wishing him well!!!


      Congrats to those getting promoted today: Capt's M. Palizay, P. Overdorf and T. Champion. LTs C. Heidinger, J. Losi, K. Quinn, A. Rivers and C. Fields!!!  Due to Covid we understand attendance is severely restricted.

      Remembering Patty Parete


      The PBA Political Action Committee voted to endorse 25 year PBA member, Ret Det John Garcia for Erie County Sheriff. 

      Monday is the Board of Directors mtg, Thursday the General Membership which will again be a Zoom mtg at 1900. 

      Congratulations going out to PO Charlie Skipper on his retirement!!! Enjoy it!!

      Congrats to Det Mark White, Det Sgt Chris Pliszka, Det Keith Fitzner, Det Joe Bonner and Det Brian Connors on being elected as PBA Detective Delegate !! Mark White and Chris Pliszka are on the Board of Directors as well. Thank you to all that ran!!


      A Go Fund Me Me page has been set up for Christian Koch who was one of the National Guard members that perished in the military helicopter crash in Mendon NY on Jan 20. The page is https://www.gofundme.com/f/christian-koch-memorial-fund?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR0BRNeKHOoaNdsA_RrZgOxqrQuWv_7uuBVqLmeSf3GpqdO0TIJ8ixaTRuU

      RIP National Guard members.

      Congrats are in order for PO Mary May!! Enjoy retirement !!

      Today we remember MLK. -live in a nation where people will not be judged by the color of their skin but on the content of their character...


      The 2021 Board of Directors for Patrol will be Tony Lebron, Nick Poblocki, AJ Ortiz, Meagan Sullivan and Kevin Kindzierski. The Detective election is forthcoming.

      Congrats to PO's Dave Fay, Joe Paolucci and Ray Harrington, they've all retired !!!

      Finalizing the paperwork with Attys Gilmour and Killilea for the pending binding interest arbitration process.


      RIP US Capitol Police Officer Sicknick

      Keep putting layers of paperwork, increased scrutiny on the cops. These are obstacles to good policing. The violent crime rate will go even higher. Moronic legislators aiding violent offenders is what is fueling crime, it is not the Cops. Understand, the Cops are not the problem....smh.

      The transfer deadline is Jan 7th at 1200 hours. I wouldn't wait til the last minute if you want to transfer.

      01-02-2021 - Happy New Year !!

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