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From the desk of the 1st VP

It is difficult to put into words the feelings that go through you at a time like this. There is sorrow and sadness for Craigs family, URT members and PBA co-workers. And with his discovery there is jubilation in that he was recovered, and the family can give him an appropriate burial. We have to thank all those that came out to support us. From other agencies/departments to the general public. It was really incredible. Thank you all.

All I'd like to say is please keep praying for Craig and his family, the URT team and the BPD family. And thank you to all the teams and agencies and businesses and individuals that have assisted, putting themselves in peril, in his search. The support has been tremendous.


Today, Thurs, we have IOD arbitration.

We have a limited number of Police Emerald Society tickets available. They are $30. Trips to Nashville, New Orleans, Vegas, Nassau, Ireland and a cruise will be raffled off. As well overnight stays in Toronto and New York. Nov 17th is the date for the event.


Gongrats to Cedric Littlejohn who recently retired. We wish him the best !!

On Nov 9th from 10am-10pm there is a PBA election at Bison City R/G Club. The position of 1st VP is being sought by Det Erin McCarthy and PO Adam Mielcarek. The following were nominated and accepted positions for the following, Treasurer - LT Frank Guevara, Recording Secretary PO Kristin Russo, 2nd VP LT Mark Goodspeed and President John Evans. The terms run from Jan 1st 2018 until Dec 31 2019. Would like to thank current President Kevin Kennedy who served the PBA for the past 6 years and opted not to seek another term.

Have some bad news to report. Retiree Butch Vazquez passed away. Just a great guy. We'll send a text out when the arrangements become available.

 Tonight, Thurs, is the General Membership mtg. 7pm at Bison City R/G Club. There is a Sabres game so traffic may be an issue for some. Cya there !! The PBA office will be closed on Monday in observance of Columbus day.

Prayers going out to all those affected by the shooter in Vegas. Police Officers are to be commended for their swift actions/response in ending this tragedy.

This Monday (OCT 2nd) is the Board of Directors meeting, Tues is the arbitration regarding the City capping our sick hours at 2400 hours. Wed we have Contract Triage and IAD interrogations. Thurs morning there are more IAD interrogations at 8am and that evening at 7pm is the General Membership mtg at Bison City R/G Club.

Attended a fundraiser for Sheriff Tim Howard last night, he was very appreciative of the PBA's support. From there went to the WNY Police Conf meeting. One topic of discussion was Executive Law 845. This law basically creates a data base of police officers across the state that either resigned or retired while there was an active disciplinary case open on them. DCJS keeps these records. Pres Ed Guzdek is looking into this matter with PCNY. The Constitutional Convention was obviously brought up. The need to get the word out to our friends and family to vote NO on this in November is imperative. 


Great time at the PBA golf tourney!!! Thanks to Robert Heidinger, Kevin, Obed, Jen, Tina, Debbie and Lori, you guys made it a tremendous success !!!

***There is a new shift swapping MOA- Swap must be completed in 30 calendar days. District patrol (Capt's,LT's,Det's,PO's) , Housing/Strike Force and Traffic can also swap. Msg sent in Administrative on 9/20/2017.

Golf Tny on Monday. Another sold out event ! Weather looks perfect, looking forward to a great day !!! Obviously the PBA Office will be closed, open Tuesday at 9.

Congrats are in order for LT Jim O'Donnell JR who was granted a NYS pension. We wish him well !!

Very violent weekend, 6 people shot....

We've got  IAD interrogations and Informal Disciplinary hearings on Wed. Thursday Step 3 Grievance Hearings.

At PCNY there has been extensive discussion on the Con-Con vote. They expressed the importance of getting our members to vote. is a website they are endorsing.The NYS Retirement fund is 197.1 billion and the municipalities contribution levels are dropping. The Janus V Illinois case should be decided by June of 2018. This has to do with the automatic deduction of union dues. Jim Tuttle the PCNY Atty spoke on DFR's.

Off to White Plains for the PCNY Convention.

Congrats to PBA endorsed candidates April Baskin- EC Leg 2nd dist, Andrew LoTiempo and Betty Calvo-Torres for City Court Judge, and also though not endorsed, Byron Brown who has locked up a 4th term as Mayor.

On Thursday the 14th we have arbitration with Arbitrator Butto regarding the city demanding Dr notes to return to work from being off sick.

Keeping all those affected by the 9-11 attacks in our thoughts and prayers.


Congrats to all that recieved Commissioner awards !! Nice recognition for great police work !!!

Attended a very nice send off for LT Eddie Labby last night !! Great guy, wish him well !!!

Heading to Rochester on Friday to support their PBA at their annual clam bake.

Today we have the Board of Directors mtg. Tomorrow we have Informal Disciplinary hearings. Thursday is the General Membership Mtg at 1pm, Bison City R/G Club. Thursday evening is a party for LT Ed Labby at Molly's on Abbott Rd. 6-9pm $20 Beer/Fun !!


Heading over to Randie Joseph's service. Hoping everyone has a safe Labor Day Holiday !! Cya Tues.., Call me if anything pressing comes up !!


We need a new fleet of vehicles, for patrol , narcotics, homicide, everyone. They are crumbling as we speak...

A very grateful Mark Schroeder thanked a packed house of supporters last night. Sept 12th is the primary...

LT's Ed Labby and Tom Leatherbarrow are retiring. Great guys, we wish them well !!

Congrats go out to Det Sgt Brenda Callahan Moll, PO Clay Twitty and PO Efrain Colon who have retired !!

Sad to hear of the passing of former 2nd PBA VP Randie Joseph, may he rest in peace. Praying for all those affected down in Texas.

Today (Tues) we have IOD hearings with Master Arbitrator Jeff Selchick. Tonight we'll be going to an event for Mark Schroeder.


Perfect ! - Would be the best way to describe the way the Open House went. Weather held up, food was great, countless retirees, actives and even a nice group of new hires came down to enjoy the food and drinks !! Obed, Jen and Tina did a tremendous job putting it together !! Would also like to thank all those that volunteered their time to make it a great event !! Thank you all !!!

Thursday is the Annual Open House !! C'mon down to Bison City R/G Club for a nice meal/drinks !! All active PBA members and retirees are welcome !!

Wed we have IAD interrogations.

Tomorrow we have an arbitration hearing regarding the City not promoting from the top of the seniority list when they temp/provisionally promoted... It is in front of Arbitrator Lewandowski.

Good luck tomorrow for those aspiring to be LT's.

Had a great time wathching the Fallen Officer tny !! Great cause, Congrats to A-Dist and the DA's office who were co-champs. Griff and Gilbert and their staff put together a really nice event !!
This Sat is the Fallen Officer Softball tournament. Conway Park, next to Old #7.
Keep deceased Virginia State Troopers H. Jay Cullen and Berke M.M. Bates in your prayers.

 Due to lack of witnesses we have to postpone the scheduled arbitration.

 Great time last night at Marinaro's, wishing Larry a long, healthy retirement !!

We've got IAD interrogations today (Mon) 
On Thursday we have arbitration with Thomas Rinaldo regarding Dets doing the duties of Det/Sgts. (No Det Sgt to Supervise)

There is a get together at Marinaro's Larkin Tavern tonight at 8pm for retiree Larry Richards. (Traffic guy) No tix, $$ on the bar.

The violence in the City continues, 31 murders to date. 2 more shot Wed night. Use caution out there !!
There are voter registration forms at the office. More so than ever, your vote does count.
We have Board of Directors today. We have a grievance hearing on the failure to move an Officer to an open position created by a promotion on Tues in front of Arbitrator Campagna.
On Thursday at 7:00pm we have the General Membership meeting.
Monday and Thursday we also have IAD interrogations.


Looking at the lineup, today 8-4-2017, 270 can leave the Dept ....

Congrats go out to Traffic PO Larry Richards and SRO Darryl Jones who have slipped into retirement.

Arrangements for Retiree Joe Ransfords Wake:  Sunday, August 13, 2017 from 4pm until 9pm at Nightengale Funeral Home on South Park Avenue. Funeral Mass:  Monday, August 14th at 9:15 am at OLV Basilica

Mayoral candidate Mark Schroeder expressed his sincere thanks to the PBA for their support through this election. Sept 12th is closing fast. We wish him the best of luck !!

Its a disservice to the residents of the east side that the mayor and this police administration don't realize how truly violent and treacherous these streets are. This admin believes 10 Officers can effectively patrol the streets of the E District. In their minds included in that 10 is the Officer that guards the Mayor's personal residence (who is prohibited from responding to any calls). So, in reality, they believe 9 Patrol Officers can safeguard the lives of the city residents in this large and very violent district.

The job of a police officer is difficult enough these days, that difficulty is compounded when you are working without adequate manpower. Angering and frustrating to say the least. Praying for the innocent kids that were shot on Carl St.


DA John Flynn is very appreciative for the PBA's support. Have to say, it is quite admirable that he won't accept contributions from his staff/ADA's/Investigators. 

I wonder what budget the body camera money is going to come from ? Interesting that they have money for that ...

Mickey Kearns said "Thank You" for the PBA's support ! 

Mark your calendar for Aug 19th, the Fallen Officers Softball tournament, and Aug 24th for the PBA Open House. ( the creamer I bought this morning has an expiration date of Sept 19th.....summer is almost over)

Attended a fundraiser for Senator Pat Gallivan last night, he expressed his sincere gratitude for the PBA's support. We have an event for Mickey Kearns on Wed and DA John Flynn on Thurs.

The City cancelled the SWAT grievance. It will be rescheduled. I really don't know how they are going to justify their actions on this one....

Next week we have the SWAT grievance, IAD interrogations and Informal Disciplinary hearings...


Next Friday the 28th for the perfect attendance incentives.

If you see a patrol car with one of the "Vote NO for the NYS Constitutional Convention" take it off and place it on your personal vehicle. There have been some inquiry's...

Recieved a call from Sheriff Howard thanking us for our endorsement.

Soon to be Lackawanna City Court Judge Szyszkowski stopped into the office and thanked the PBA members for their support. Great time at the party!! We expect he'll make a great Judge !!

Today, Monday, we had Step 3 grievance hearings today. Tomorrow is the Police Oversight meeting at the Common Council Chambers. * Oversight rescheduled until Sept.

The political parties are occurring in full force. Tonight we have one for Mayoral candidate Mark Schroeder. Tomorrow for Ken Syzsykowski for Lackawanna City Court Judge. Next week one for Senator Gallivan and Erie County Clerk Candidate Kearns and DA John Flynn.

The PBA delegates voted to endorse the following candidates for political office this election cycle:

Lackawanna City Court: Atty Kenneth Szyszkowski

Erie County Sheriff: Tim Howard

Erie County Clerk:  Michael Kearns

Erie County Comptroller: Stefan Mychajliw

Erie County Court: Honorable Susan Eagan

Erie County Legislator: April Baskin

Erie County Legislator: John Bruso

City of Buffalo Mayor: Mark Schroeder

Buffalo City Court: Honorable Betty Calvo-Torres

Buffalo City Court: Atty Andrew LoTempio

Surrogate Court Judge: Atty Acea Mosey

**Am being told the "Perfect Attendance" checks will be distributed by the 28th.


*Great time at Darien Lake, want to thank Tina, Obed and Jen for putting together a great time !!

Hoping the weather stays with us for Darien Lake !! Looks good so far !!

Terrible news out of the State Police. Prayers going out to the Troopers family and co-workers.

I went to a BFD retirement party last night. They are losing some good guys, that is for sure. It was a great time !

Have to say, I'm quite bothered and disappointed by the accusations that Darius Pridgen is making against our members.

Darien Lake ticket sales end this Friday at noon.

Horrific news out of NYC. Prayers going out to the murdered Officer, Miosotis Familia, her family and co-workers.


I'll be coming into office Mon morning, leaving about noon. Call my cell if ya need anything after that, have a great weekend !!

Congrats are in line for Joanne Dipasquale, Bud Rodriquez, Mike Bennett, Lynn Mcgrath and Joe McLeod. Wish them  long and healthy retirements !!!

For the many that are considering retirement, there are 2 years left on this contract...plan accordingly. June 30 2019 will be here before you know it !!!

Tonight, (Fri) is the former "Big" Joe McLeod's retirement party at Bison City. Starts at 6:00pm - 10:00pm. $30 at the door. 

What a tremendous show of support at last nights event !! From retirees to officers still assigned to the academy !! On top of that several Firefighters and their families as well !! Thanks to Tommy Cowan and Doc Sullivans who really made it a great night !!

Today (Thurs) we have PBA PAC interviews which will last all day. 


Today there are IAD interrogations, Wed Informal Disciplinary Hearings. Also this Wed is the annual Italian Police Association party, starts at 2 pm. Great weather predicted !! At 6pm that evening there is a get together at Doc Sullivans , the Summer Kick Off. $30 at the door. 

This Thursday we'll be interviewing local politicians that are seeking the PBA's endorsement. After the PAC committee makes determinations, they are run by the Board of Directors and ultimately by the Delegates at the July PBA meeting.

On Friday evening at Bison City there is a send off for Joe Mcleod from the range who is retiring. $30 - Beer/food/fun !!

Praying the Rochester PD Officer recovers fully.

The Fallen Officer Softball/Kickball Tournament is Sat August 19th this year. Certain to be a good time !!

Remain vigilant out there, the anti-Cop sentiment is alive and well...

Narco Det Ernie Bursie retired. We wish him well.


Hope you guys have a Happy Fathers day weekend !! Next week on Monday and Wednesday there are IAD interrogations. We have Arbitration with Arbitrator Selchick next Tues. Wed there are Informal Disciplinary hearings. On Thurs we have Step 3 grievance hearings. Also Thursday evening we are attending a fundraiser for Mark Schroeder.

I wouldn't want to be the people that the FBI and State AG's office are after...seems they're leaving no rock unturned in their investigation...If I were a corrupt public official I would sleep with one eye open...

Hoping it is true about the ISIS leader getting killed. Great to see the escaped convicts that killed the CO's in Georgia have been caught, too bad they didn't resist enough to get themselves killed.

Heading to Rochester to meet up with their PBA. On Tues we have IAD interrogations. On Wed we are talking to the newest class of recruits. Later in the day Mark Armbruster, our financial planner, is coming in to show us where we are financially. On Thursday we have PERB in the AM regarding the internal Union charges we are being dealt. (From temp Det Lance Woods et al...) Am meeting with Atty Ian Hayes on Thurs afternoon re upcoming grievance. (Outside agency affecting our members)


Busy week ahead. On Monday we have the Board of Directors mtg, Tues and Wed Disciplinary arbitration,Wed eve there is a fundraiser for Judge Ken Case who is running for State Supreme Court. (Mothers 5-7:30pm) IOD arbitration during the day on Thursday and that evening there is the Monthly PBA General Membership Mtg, 7pm, Bison City R/G Club.


Today, Wed, we have Step 3 Grievance hearings. Tomorrow we have arbitration with Arbitrator Thomas Rinaldo regarding the LT's scheduling for their training period shortly after promotion.


Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day holiday, remembering all those that have given their lives to ensure our freedom in this great country.

Janus V Illinois - That will be the next U S Supreme Ct case that deals with Union dues/Agency fees that will likely effect us. We'll be watching that closely. It is looking like when, not if, it happens.

NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli spoke on the health of the NYS Pension fund. Unlike many other states it is adequately funded. He also spoke on the possibility of a NYS Constitutional Convention. He stated unequivocally that current and future retirees could have their pensions "adjusted" if there is a convention...


Heading to Saratoga Springs for PCNY Convention.

We had a very productive meeting with the NYS Atty Generals Office investigators. Nice guys, really.

Don't forget your Open Enrollment forms, like I have....Friday the 19th is the deadline.

Det Chris Mordino did an outstanding job putting the Fallen Officers Ceremony together. Thank you !!

The violence in the City continues....21 people have been murdered so far this year...

On Monday we have the Fallen Officers Mass at St Joes Cathedral. On Tues the PBA Tribunal. On Wed we have Disciplinary Arb and on Thursday Contract triage and IAD interrogations.


Happy Mothers Day !!

Mark July 11/12 down for PBA Days at Darien Lake. Same price , $25 per person. You can go to PBA Events for overnight accomodations. Tina will start selling tickets on Monday.

There is a Memorial Mass on Monday at 10:00am at St Joseph's (Next to HQ) for fallen officers families from the area. Having attended in the past, it is a very nice, solemn event for the families.

I heard comments from Atty Nelson Torry on the radio....tool.

We have IAD interrogations tomorrow starting at 9am.


I spoke with Commissioner Derenda who agreed it is ridiculous that FTO's haven't been compensated for their work. He said they are doing everything they can to get people squared up. The problem seems to be at Audit our of City Hall, not our payroll Dept. They have assured us that they have everything in place on their end.

If you once received an Educational check but it was discontinued because you didn't have an associates degree, you will get them again if you get your transcripts in. Due to a grievance we won all you need is 60 hours to get the Education stipend going forward.

We have Step 3 Grievances today (Wed). Thurs eve there is a party for Assemblyman Sean Ryan.

Would like to thank everyone for the support through this latest incident, Wegmans, Tommy Cowan (Doc Sullivans), Bada Bing, Imperial,and countless other public officials. The general public as well ! Can't thank you all enough !

Had a great time last night at the PBA Awards Ball !! Was nice seeing Coppers getting recognized for some of the great police work they continuously do. Thanks go out to Tina, Dana, Madison, and Jen Gonzalez. Also Jen, Obed and Capt Pat Mann !! The Hyatt staff was great as well ! The Firefighters Fife n Drums, our Honor Guard as well.!! Hope everyone enjoyed themselves !!

We are putting the finishing touches on the Awards Ball, looking forward to a nice evening !!

General membership meeting at 1300 today. 

Whitey is 43 today !!

All but two have responded to the Union charges levied against them for crossing the line and defying the PBA resolution. The Tribunals are set for May 16th. If there is no response from those members, the hearings will be held in absentia.

Apparently the City isn't getting the ticket revenue it had hoped as a result of essentially closing Traffic Ct. Too many people must be pleading not guilty for their liking.

This week we have the Board of Directors today, Monday. On Wed and Thurs there are IAD interrogations. Also Thurs, the General Membership mtg at 1300, Bison City and Friday night is the annual PBA Awards Ball.

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