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From the desk of the PBA President

We settled the arbitration case scheduled for today. City acknowledges there are 2 wheels. A and B. Capt will recieve 10 AV's. Tomorrow we have IOD light duty determination hearings. On Wed and Thurs we have contract triage. On Friday we are meeting with Palladian, the EAP company. On Friday night Retiree Debbie Strobele is having a send off at the Blackthorn 7-11pm, and on Sunday 5:30-8:30 Capt Pat Mann's party is at The Pearl St. $30 per ticket for each event. Great people, certain to be fun events ! 


We have informal disciplinary hearings today (Wed). Will be preparing for the Capts grievance (3rd wheel creation) afterward.


Heading to Waterloo on Sun for Upstate Seminar. Still gathering info on Janus Decision and it's ramifications.  

Global warming is a hoax.


I know it is a long way off, but, after the Sept 6, 2018 1pm PBA Union meeting, Mark Wallace from NYSDCP will be in attendance to answer any questions members may have regarding their Deferred Compensation Plan funds. He will be able to dispell any myths that commonly go through the dept. and give tips on maximizing the benefit.

Am not at all surprised the Teachers that are striking are from "Right to Work" (for less) States.


Next Monday April 2nd we have the Board of Directors mtg and on Thursday we have the General Membership mtg at 7pm. Bison City R/G Club.

Congrats go out to Homicide Det Dan Redmond who has retired !! Also Capt Pat Mann has worked his last day as has PO Debbie Strobele and PO Jimmy Hummel !! We wish them all the best !! Also LT Tommy Mayes, PO Ed Lopez, are on they're way out !!

**State Supreme Court Judge Glownia denied the City's motion to vacate the K-9 arbitration decision, confirmed the award from the bench...

Today we are meeting with Mark Byrne, our Health Care consultant, in preparation for the upcoming arbitration. Wed there is a fundraiser for Sheriff Tim Howard. Also a get together for D-Dist PO Jimmy Hummel who is retiring. Its up at the Roaring Bison on Hertel at 7pm. No tickets, just money on the bar. On Thurs the 29th we have Step 3 Grievances. 

*The PBA office will be closed the 30th in observance of Good Friday.


We attended a seminar put on by Blitman and King on Monday. Was very informative. Again Janus was the main topic. This week we have contract arbitration on Wed and IOD hearings on Thurs. On Fri we are in State Supreme Ct over the K-9 grievance that we won.


Hoping everyone has a Happy and Safe St Patricks Day weekend !!

From the PCNY seminar, Attys are seeking out Giglio info on police officers involved in a trial in an attempt to discredit them. Atty Richard Mullvaney gave an animated talk on the detrimental impact of PO's social media posts and the ease at which Def Attys can demonstrate an officers bias. Atty Ron Dunn got into the subject of DFR's and their potential after the anticipated Janus decision. It centered on grievances. I don't believe this will impact us much, we file when necessary. 

*Save the date- Monday August 13th is the PBA Golf Tny. Harvest Hill then to the Blackthorn. Cost will be $125.00 per golfer, will be accepting registration $$ in late May...

There are BOLO'S are going out with specific directions to only pick up the person of interest, IF the Detective that put it out is on duty...???? You have to be kidding me !!!

We are in Albany for PCNY til Thurs.

 Body cameras will be utilized by our B-Dist Officers for this Sunday's St Patricks Day Parade. 


Tommy's funeral was jam-packed, as expected. He will be missed. Retiree Ronny Clark did a memorable eulogy.

Great to see the West Virginia Teachers successfully strike for their raises, which subsequently carried over to all state workers. Am not at all surprised it is a "Right to work" (for less) state. Their unity and persistance paid off. It is a shame they were driven to such extreme measures.

Can't stress enough to work cautiously out there. Coppers across the country are getting killed seemingly every day. 

I hope the City does replace this psychologist they use for determining hiring. To destroy a persons career ambitions because they had a child outside of marriage is ridiculous. Deemed reckless...Whats next, your disqualified for promotion if you get divorced ???

We have Board of Directors today at 1300. On Thursday the General Membership mtg is at 1300 hrs also. Bison City R/G Club.

Keep praying for Tommy Moran.... the wake is going to be Monday at Cannans in OP,  the funeral Tues is at 11:30, St Ambrose Church, it's on Ridgewood between McKinley and S.Park in S.Bflo. Just a nice guy that always looked out for the troops. Great family man. Too young...

Attended the 100 Club awards dinner last night. Very classy organization, can't thank them enough for all they do for First Responders.


Tuesday we are discussing some legal matters with Atty Rodney O. Personius, on Wed we are meeting with our Health Care consultant, Mark Byrne regarding the upcoming arbitration. That evening we are attending a fundraiser for Senator Tim Kennedy, obviously to discuss the upcoming Janus decision and other aspects of the Governors budget that may affect us. 


Great time last night at the send off for PO Pat Crowley !! Am sure he'll have a great time enjoying the outdoors !!!!

Congrats to Comm Lockwood in being nominated for the permanent Commissioner spot. I would expect he'll breeze through the Council approval process. Also a class move by the Mayor posthumously promoting Craig Lehner to LT.

In 2018 there have already been 20 line of duty Officer deaths across the country. 13 of which have come by gunfire....Use extreme caution out there...

Senator Patrick Gallivan is proposing putting an SRO in every school, we applaud that remedy !!

People are killed everyday in car accidents, we don't blame cars. People are stabbed everyday, we don't blame knives. Why do people blame guns ? I never thought the TSA would ever be as big as it is, yet that is what it takes to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to kill innocent people through plane crashes or them using the planes as  weapons. Having several police officers in every school would minimize these types of mass murders I would predict. Yes it would be expensive, but protecting innocent students and teachers would be well worth it in my opinion.

Det Henry Velez received a warm send off last evening. Enjoy !!


I would like to see a federal grant that would quadruple the current staffing of the SRO's. 

NYS Senator Patrick Gallivan expressed his sincere thanks for the PBA's support, as we attended a fundraiser for him last evening.

The PBA office will be closed Monday for Presidents Day. Enjoy the weekend.

GTHBA last evening at LT Joe Makowski's retirement party !!

Anyone contemplating retirement in the next 18 months-----NYS Retirement # 1-866-805-0990

LT Joe Makowski's retirement party is this Thursday 7pm at the Mathew Glab post in Lackawanna. On Friday Henry Velez is having a send off a J's White Elephant !!

The PBA retirement party went off last night without a hitch. The planning by Obed and Rob was tremendous. Thanks to Tina, Lori and Tracy for working the door !! Great food, service, and cocktails !! It was a very nice tribute to the retirement class of 2017 !!


Am absolutely ecstatic to hear the dept is finally entertaining equipping our Officers with Tasers. Way overdue...

This week we have the Board of Directors on Monday.  Monday and Wed we have IAD interrogations. Tues and Wed will be Albany for PCNY. On Thursday our General Membership Mtg is at 5:30pm. Ret party to follow.

I was shocked and dismayed to see that even at the highest level of the FBI there would be a blatant political bias. It definitely has changed my outlook on that agency. What a confidence crusher....

Not at all surprised by the outcome of the NYS Atty Generals investigation regarding the Hernandez-Rossi incident.


We have several IAD interrogations occurring on Wed and Thurs.


We have a shipment of winter hats in. $10 each.

This Monday the 22nd, and Wed there are IAD interrogations...on that, if you are on social media,be careful what you post. The dept monitors your posts, actively seeking to bring you up on charges. 

There was a shooting last night  (Fri) on Chippewa n Pearl St. None of the local media have reported it as of 6 am Sat morning...

Arbitrator Butto decided we do NOT have to provide documentation to return to work after calling off sick...

Have to say I was surprised at DD's departure. Hopefully the relationship with the new admin can improve moving forward.

We have Arb on Fri regarding ERT and the lack of training offered to the entire patrol division. There is talk of a settlement agreement on this topic. 

Recent retiree Mark Tripp had a wide array of newer and former Coppers wishing him well. The guy from the dungeon even made an appearance....GTHBA !!!


Seems the Admins experiment to end the PO details(Chippewa/Allen) in B-dist was a failure. On one of the coldest evenings of the year you had Officers that normally would be answering citizen complaint calls, tied up on Chippewa and Allen St, answering "shots fired" and "fight calls". I'm sure once the criminal element becomes aware that there are no police working those details, lawlessness will prevail. Have to feel bad for the businesses and law abiding citizens that will become victims....

Great time at Sean O'Briens party !!! Wishing him the best !!

The office will be closed Monday in observance of the MLK holiday. Tues/Wed in Albany for PCNY mtgs. As always call my cell if necessary. 

Congrats to all those promoted !! Very nice ceremony !! Today (Wed) we are preparing for the ERT grievance, regarding the City not training the patrol division as was stipulated...we are then meeting up with the recently promoted LT's. Thurs at 1300 is the monthly General Membership mtg, again at Bison City...Thursday evening there is a party for South District Council member Chris Scanlon. He has been a staunch supporter of law enforcement and the PBA's interests. It is being held at Doc Sullivans, 5:30pm, $35.


We have the Board of Directors mtg on Monday the 8th. On Thursday we have the General Membership mtg.

We are hearing there is a promotional ceremony Tues the 9th at 1300 in the Academy. We have not seen an official list yet. We know notifications have been made. Congrats to those being promoted. Inexplicably it seems more than qualified individuals have been passed over. To those we apoligize and are looking further into this. 

There are a couple retirement party's coming up. Narco LT Sean O'Brien's is the 12th at Lucarrelli's 6-10pm. Traffic PO's Ivy James and Colonel Chaney are having a get together on the 16th at Marinaro's Larkinville Tavern 7-11. B-Dist PO Mark Tripp at J's White Elephant (old Jacobi's)on the 18th 7-10pm. Another is being held for LT Joe Makowski at the Glab Post in Lackawanna on Feb 15th, 6-10pm. Det Henry Velez on the 16th at the Rusty Buffalo. 

Happy to report Capt Antoino is doing much better !!

Happy New Year !! Stay safe and warm. I want to thank Kevin for his dedication and years of service to the PBA. I appreciate and enthusiastically look forward to having the  opportunity to serve as PBA President. It is truly an honor. I want to welcome Erin McCarthy as the incoming 1st Vice President and look forward to working along side her, Mark, Kristin, Frank ( and Tina ) to improve the working conditions for every PBA member in the ranks. Bring on 2018!!!

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