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From the desk of the PBA President

Congrats go out to D-Dist officers Cruz and Nye who were elected PBA delegates !! Thanks to all that ran !

Just returned from the PCNY meeting in Albany. There was a presentation from the FBI on it's worldwide base of fingerprints. (and how effective they can be) Touched on several legislative bills relative to law enforcement. Talked about the plan for a NYS sponsored health care plan. (that those pushing the plan have no clue as to how much it will cost...) There are continued efforts from anti-cop groups to make our disciplinary files open to the public. There is also a move to eliminate the 21' threat zone. (just to make the job of being a cop that much more dangerous...) Not much good news for law enforcement...

10-13-2019  2 years...

At yesterday's General Membership mtg, 1st VP -PO Kristin Russo, 2nd VP -LT Mark Goodspeed, Treasurer LT Frank Guevara and myself were unopposed in this year's elections. Recording Secretary will be determined at the Nov 8th election between incumbent LT John Seitz and Capt Melinda Jones. Election runs from 1000-2200 at Bison City.

Rochester PD has reverted to 2 man cars. This is in reaction to the horrific injuries sustained by a Rochester PD officer responding to a domestic. Keep him in your prayers. We've been told he is permanently blind as a result of this vicious attack.


Next Mon we have the Board of Directors and on Thursday the General Membership mtg. Thurs at 7pm, Bison City R/G Club.

There is a building naming ceremony on Sunday at 10:30. LT Tom Moran will be posthumously honored with the A-dist being named after him. It is a rain or shine event. There will be tents set up...


Chris Collins clearly failed to consider the consequences of his actions. I'm sure he would have been happy for his family to take the 700k hit on the stock collapse vs him going away for 4-6 years, at 69 years old....

Hope everyone took something away from the Sheriff's trial....

Congrats to AJ Ortiz, the newest A Dist Delegate ! Thanks to all that participated!!

Again, stay clear of the CBD oils/lotions...

As far as the Academy job postings, we want any new jobs to coincide with the City wide departmental monthly transfer sheet. Therefore the jobs will be awarded on 10-3 at 1200hrs.


Seeing the City's credit rating decrease is no surprise. I believe the Mayor is attempting to hide a deficit. You would not try and run a Police Dept with half the vehicles you actually need, if you could afford to adequately equip it. Policing is not a priority for the Brown administration, that is evident.


Refrain from using CBD oils. We've been informed a Sgt and a line Trooper were terminated for a hot drug test and their only excuse was that both said they used CBD oils...

This week we have IAD statements, as well as IOD, Grievance, and Discipline cases with Arbitrator Selchick.

**Keep in mind at the next PBA General Membership mtg (Oct 10,7pm) there are nominations for the Executive Board positions.(3 yr term for Pres and Treasurer, 2 yrs for 1st, 2nd VP and Rec Sec.) To be eligible to run you must have attended and signed in to 3 meetings of the past 12 months (Sept 18'-Sept 19') as well be at the Oct meeting to accept the nomination in person. 


09-11-2019- Watching the programs on 9/11.... Same emotions continue- rage, anger and sorrow...

We have arbitration over the 45 day rule on Tues. (rescheduled) Wed we have informals, Step 3's and IAD statements.


Heading to Rochester to speak with their Exec board and attend their PBA's Clam Bake.

This week we have the Board of Directors on Tues, on Thurs at 1300 we have the General Membership mtg, again at Bison City...


Enjoy Labor Day !! The PBA Office will re-open Sept 3 at 0800 !!

For clarification, if ever asked by a motorist to get a supervisor, the appropriate response is to give them the address of your district. They can then go to the district and express their opinion/concerns. You are not obligated to call them to your location.

The annual Open House was a huge success !! Thanks to Joe Wendel, Rob Mercurio, Obed, Nikko, Dox, Artie, Jerimiah, Jeannie Rak, Gail Allen, Joe Donovan, Tina and Tracy, the Rod and Gun Club, all the caterers and God for giving us a nice day !!! The Christmas party is Dec 5th....

Welcome PO Brian O Griffin who takes over as Traffic Delegate!!

This Wed we have Informal  Disciplinary Hearings. Thursday is the PBA Open House, starts at 11, runs til whenever...

10 years have passed since we tragically lost 2 fellow Firefighters. Made the ultimate sacrifice trying to save lives of people they didn't even know. God Bless them and their families and co-workers.


The NYPD Commissioner James P.O'Neill , sent that Dept into a tailspin. He should quit...Why a Cop would work for a guy that is going to take away your livelihood for simply doing your job is not comprehensible...It does create a sick feeling in your stomach seeing a Cop put through that. Feds/DA clear the officer but their own decides to fire him? Makes you think and wonder, what would happen here ? Would this Admin have your back ??? Would they move to terminate you at an arbitration hearing ??? 

So the 11 new patrol cars are at the garage. They need to go to Fire to get radio's installed. With these hopefully at least the day shifts will have enough cars...

We have declared impasse with the City regarding a new contract. Those documents have been delivered to PERB.We now wait for PERB to assign a mediator. With the past contract expiring and the residency provision with it, this class of 29 recruits hired on 08-02-19 are NOT required to live in the City. 


The Philadelphia's narcotics squad was incredibly lucky. One whackjob with an AK nearly killed 6 of them. Would you believe that our own Narcotics squad recieves zero training in conducting search warrants ? Not a minute. As well, go without any supervision if a LT takes a day's incredible that the Admin won't properly equip them with tactical gear either...pathetic to say the least !!!

Can you believe our partner in law enforcement , US Atty Kennedy, commended Bflo Coppers on an arrest.... What a joke. Guy would put a copper away without batting an it...

Many thanks to Obed, Rob, Joe, Tina and Tracy for putting on the PBA Golf Tny !! Harvest Hill did a great job as well !! Great day !!

Dayton Cops did a great job taking out that psychopath. Apparently they train for that. I wonder if the Dept will learn anything from it ? I won't hold my breath...


We only had 2 people shot, one fatal, on National night out...

You would think the admin would learn from these mass shootings...Sad thing is Bflo Cops can't go up against a perp with a .223 . We'd have to call in Cheektowaga or Amherst or the Sheriffs or Troopers to match firepower.....pathetic!

This week we've got the Board of Directors mtg on Monday. On Thursday at 1900 we've got the General Membership mtg, Bison City.

Praying for all the victims of these senseless mass murders. Just horrible. 

NYS Senator Chris Jacobs is co-sponsoring a bill that will make throwing water at a police officer an E-felony. Sooner the better, hopefully an officer isn't compelled to use deadly force to protect him/her or their partner. As the officer doesn't know what is in the bucket (acid) that could seriously injure or kill him or her.

Congrats to all those promoted !!

Tomorrow, Wed, we have arbitration regarding the City using a private company for Police HQ's. In the afternoon there is a promotional ceremony at 1400. On Friday there is a swearing in at 1500. Both events are being held on the 6th floor in HQ. Congrats to all !!!


It is hilarious that when there is a ship out, you aren't allowed to take a district car with you to the other district !!! We don't even have enough cars to run a platoon, yet the Mayor says the city is fine financially !!!! 

We had an officer suffer a medical emergency while arriving at a fight call. This occurred June 28. We just recieved the IOD denial from the City. Yes, they denied the injury/illness that happened during his shift. Please do not believe for one second that this administration remotely cares about you or your family. Their actions have demonstrated they do not. Clearly. We have established and submitted a leave donation bank, filed for an IOD hearing, as well filed a grievance on the timliness of the denial. We've had our Atty involved from the time he was admitted to ECMC. Don't be fooled, they do not care !!!


Thankfully the jury saw this incident for what it was !!! The legal team of Terry Connors, Nick Romano, Herb Greenman and Rod Personius did an incredibly thorough job!! Can't thank them enough. As well all those able to come out and support Corey should be commended as well. Great to finally put this nightmare behind us. Have to say, I couldn't have less respect for the federal judicial system.

The defense has rested. The jury is deliberating. Obviously we are hoping the jury sees this for what it is, and not a "federal offense". 


The prosecution rested today about noon. Uneventful to say the least. Obviously I'm biased, but I never saw any "WOW" factor. Actually the last govt witness seemed truthful and helped Corey. I'll bet they wished they hadn't called him.....The defense gets their turn on Monday. Swing by if you are able !! 9th Floor, Arcara's courtroom, starts at 1000 hrs.

It is amazing what this judge is keeping from the jury. I don't know how Giglio doesn't apply to the 20 time arrested, so called victim. If I'm on this jury I'm furious after this trial and finding out what was being concealed. Connors demonstrated that the lawsuit ford has against Corey and the City is total bs. He's suing for medical and legal costs.... problem is he hasn't incurred any...the trial is expected to end on Tues. Swing by if you can.

This morning at Corey's trial the US Atty Mango, suggested that Fords arrest may have been manufactured !! Bizarre, preposterous allegation to say the least....

Day 1 of Coreys trial is over. A juror was dismissed. Apparently he disclosed his opinion during the lunch break... Devin Ford, the Feds star witness was locked up for a domestic (again)this morning. Stellar citizen... Tomorrow it resumes at 9am.

With the retirement of House Chair Obed Casillas, PO Joe Wendel will be taking over his duties. PO Mike Maritato will take over the Public Relations position. Since there were only 5 that ran for Board of Directors, B-Dist delegate PO Angela Yeates will replace Obed on the board. 

Corey Krug's trial starts Wed 10 am at the Fed Ct House. Judge Arcara's Courtroom, 9th floor.

Thursday is Keith LaFalce retirement pty, Obed Casillas is Sunday, both at Bison City, $30 each

Good to hear the Trooper involved in the accident on the 90 will be ok.


Had a great time at Darien Lake!! The weather certainly cooperated, was great to see coppers and their families enjoying the park! Thanks to Obed, Rob, Tina, Tracy and Joe!!

We had the Board of Directors mtg today. Tues and Wed we'll be at Darien Lake for PBA days. Thursday at 1300 is the General Membership mtg. We are meeting with the City on Fri.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!!

With half the year gone by, time to get on those new years resolutions !! Obviously with the warm weather the murderers are out and about. Please work with caution.  Cops are getting murdered across the country at an alarming rate. I'm sure they did not plan on things going so horribly wrong, but in this profession sadly it happens. The PBA Office will be closed on the 4th. Back the 5th to finish up Darien Lake sales. 


C-Dist PO Tony Disarno could use some prayers...While responding to a fight call he suffered a medical emergency.

Equally appalling are the conditions that our Narcotics squad operate under. To find out they conduct raids without the aid of a tactical shotgun with a flashlight affixed? Is that asking too much ? On top of that they receive no training at all ? And we are an accredited dept....? The lack of concern/neglect our members are subjected to know no bounds...

To hear that the admin won't replace the SWAT teams non lethal firearms (rubber bullet option) is rather appalling. Have to wonder where their priorities lie ??? On top of that, to hear that the SWAT team is still using 30 year old weapons/riot gear/body armor, and the team isn't even fully equiped is really pathetic..... "This guy is armed,,,can I borrow your rifle ?"

Nice work by Officers Brian Griffin and Joe Wendel, taking 2 murder suspects off the street last week!!!

Just returned from a meeting at City Hall. CVS is taking over the prescriptions from Express Scripts. This will occur on 9-15-2019. Don't throw out anything you get in the mail from CVS because they will be sending out new prescription cards. You will be able to use the new cards at any pharmacy. You are not restricted to only using them at CVS..

The Dept is losing some really good people to retirement. We wish nothing but the best for these who have earned their retirements !! Congrats to all, you'll certainly be missed !!


Contract talks have broken down. We certainly tried but in the end a regressive move by the City caused the talks to halt. 


Yesterday one of our officers was intentionally struck by a dirtbag on an ATV.  Fortunately it appears that he will be ok.  Hopefully the individual will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as there are reports that this is not the first violent act of agression toward police officers that he has made!

Crime stats for this city are a joke. I hope the general public doesn't believe them. By complicating the arrest process, of course there will be a drop in arrests. That is their goal. So they can put forth an artificial number out at their pressers. Bolster their "stats" for further office....Just having a plate reader hit on a steal is not a reason to make an arrest anymore. Now you have to contact the vehicle owner, God forbid they have access to their cell phone or have it shut off for whatever reason. If not the suspect walks...after further review......... No Police Action radio.... on to the next call...

PO John Simonians party was a lot of fun !! Great guy, we wish him the best !!

On Wed there is a get together for Det Joe Amhed at 1420 Hertel ave, no tix, $$ on the bar. This Thurs, Det Dawn Lopez ret pty - 6-9pm @ Can u Digg it, on Hopkins near Tifft in S.Bflo. $30 open bar/food !!

** Postponed until July 16th** Corey's trial starts next week. Pre-trial motions on Monday, Jury selection Tues, then on Wed the actual trial. Will text out times. Work with caution !

Thank you to the hero's of D-Day!

I see the Dept has met the standards for State Accreditation. Apparently it doesn't take much to attain ...???

This week we have the Board of Directors mtg on Monday. Tues we are meeting with the city. On Thursday at 1900 we have the General Membership mtg.


This week we've got Grievance contract arbitration on Wed and Disciplinary arb with Arbitrator Jeff Selchick on Thurs. Fri is our annual PAC interview day.

If you run into PO Todd Saffron, LT Rick Bartoszwicz, PO Anoinette Garbacz, Det Joy Jermain, PO Pat Murtha, PO John Simonian, PO Larry Golston, and Det Deborah Mulhern, wish them well, they are all retiring this week !!!


The PBA office will be closed Monday for Memorial Day. Let us not forget those who have sacrificed their lives so we can live as we do in this country.


FYI* If ever questioned by a supervisor, ask, if this discussion could in any way lead to your being disciplined, terminated, or affect your working condition, you have the right to Union representation. Realize you do have to request it though...

There is a group of Police Officers in from Australia staying downtown. They're here for Police Week, traveling to/from DC. Any courtesies are appreciated.


Was a moving ceremony. Mike Laun and Chris Mordino put together a really nice event.

We'll be attending the Police Memorial Ceremony this morning at 1000, over at St Joes Cathedral. It is a tribute to those Officers killed in the line of duty and their surviving friends and families. 

We're meeting with the City on Wed for negotiations. 


The annual PBA Awards Ball is behind us. Congrats to all the award winners of 2018 ! The Hyatt did a great job putting on this event. Obed, Rob, Tina, Tracy, Jen, Dana and Emily did a tremendous job as well !! Thanks to them along with Pete, Melinda and the rest of the awards committee put together a great program ! Great to see everyone having a very enjoyable evening !!

This week we have the Board of Directors mtg on Monday. On Thursday at 1300 we have the General Membership mtg. Wed we have informal disciplinary and IOD hearings with Arbitrator Rinaldo. 


Officer Hassett was charged and subsequently found NOT GUILTY in the criminal trial. By just reading the WIVB headline it appears as though he did something wrong, he didn't.....ridiculous! At this time our legal counsel is investigating the matter.

I saw the police chief down in Hempsted was inticted for a ticket fixing scheme... will be watching to see how that turns out.

The PBA awards ball has 440 attending. That is the largest we've ever had ! There is a great deal of planning that goes into it. Many thanks to Tina, Tracy, Obed and Rob !!! Also the awards committee !!!   Couldn't be done without them !!


I was stunned to hear that the narcotics arrest from Tacoma st involved a City Parking Enforcement officer and a Buffalo School Teacher !!??!! And that was a large haul... I wonder if the media would have failed to disclose this had it been a Bflo Cop ???

Officer Joelle Bence is heading a team of PBA/department members in forming a new BPD Explorer Chapter #638. There will be information forthcoming as to when these informational events will take place. The first being at HQ, an open house, right here at 68 Court St. 7pm May 7th, in an effort to put out info and possibly recruit some new Explorers. More to follow...

Happy Dyngus day to those of polish heritage !!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter !! Bring on the nice weather !!

On a good note, the BPD Hockey team, led by Vinny Judge (according to him), won the Harbor Center Police and Fire Hockey Tournament for 2019. Nice work !!


Heading to the Blitman and King Labor seminar on Monday. Tues/Wed/Thurs we have Discipline/Contract/IOD triage arbitration with arbitrator Selchick. The office will be closed Friday in observance of Good Friday.


To hear the harrowing account of what Matt and Vinny went through, they are very lucky to be alive ! Thankfully the suspects/parolees were apprehended...Hopefully they go back in for decades !!!

Good to hear Jared and K9 Lehner are ok.

AB 392 - there is a bill out in California that would change the language for use of force incidents. It removes the word "reasonable" and replaces it with "necessary". This greatly narrows the justification for using deadly force. We would vehemently oppose this change in NY. No officer seeks to put themselves in a deadly use of force scenario. It is a consequence that comes with the job...

So there is language in the budget that will require us to report/document any time we draw our weapon, pull out our cap spray, baton or ASP and one day hopefully sooner than later, pull out a Tazer. There should be no objection to us putting in an OT slip to complete this once this is enacted, Jan 1. 2020.

Protesters were out in Albany, angry over the 50a bill which keeps our disciplinary records private. They would rather have the officers disciplinary record the focal point of a suspects trial rather than the evidence against the perp....


Please remember Charles "Skip" McDougald. 22 years have passed since he was murdered.

Great to hear McBride has been apprehended !

Heading to Albany for the monthly PCNY meetings.

Thanks to all that came out yesterday ! Turnout was tremendous ! Thanks go out to Tommy Cowan and the staff from Doc Sullivans, they did a great job !!! CK is grateful as well !!

Cops get shot at, 12 yr old tragically killed, another shooting victim in grave condition...the Dept has to get a handle on this...District Cops overwhelmed with calls, not enough cars for officers to patrol in...The City's limited resources being wasted on body-cam's...the Dept needs a serious infusion of cash, an across the board upgrade, it has been neglected far too long and the citizens are feeling the ill effects.


This week we have Board of Directors on Monday. Meeting with the City on Tues. Informal Disciplinary hearings on Wed. Thursday is the General Membership mtg, 7pm Bison City...


Congrats to Traffic PO Tom Strohlein who has retired !! Great guy, we wish him the best !!

Couple more people shot Fri night. They will live according to reports..

Great to return the lost dog to it's owner !! Luckily the local News outlets ran the story, which directly resulted into her successful return...

First weekend of half way decent weather and we have 3 murders in the city.... Can't really be that surprised when the city won't even purchase enough police cars to adequately equip the department. Amazingly they have money to spend on body cameras. Talk about priorities ??? If you were forming a police dept what is the first thing you would do ? Purchase body cameras or police cars ??? Ridiculous...On that note, you're wasting money on attempting to get a state accreditation that gets you what ??? While every police stationhouse has deterioration issues... PESH will be in this week...fecal matter isn't suppossed to seep into lineup rooms...

We've got triage arbitration this week. Tues, Wed and Thurs...Contract, Discipline and IOD.


Just remember to shut off your body camera when you come in the PBA Office.

Contrary to what was reported there were arrests at the parade on Sunday...

Once enough money gets to the politicians we will see the legalization of weed and sports betting. That is the way it works in NYS. The excuse of "it's complicated" is pure BS...

We are seeing a great deal of IAD statements/charges lately.


We're happy to see DA John Flynn exonerated Officer Meli in that incident. We look forward to Joe returning to the streets !

Range PO Lori Kimidowski is having a send off Thurs at 5 at Can you Digg it. No tix, just money on the bar...

We were in Albany the last few days for PCNY seminar. Critical Incidents were discussed in depth. Atty Richard E Mulvaney who is the General Counsel for the NYSP spoke at length. Also Dr Lewinski from Force Science spoke on the effects of critical incidents on officers.

Had a great time at Paddy O's retirement pty, lot of good people, old and new !!

Your shifts hours can't be changed to accomodate a function. That is what overtime is for. Shift hours can be changed for legitimate training purposes. That's it.  If you are told to come in early to attend an event, those are hours outside your shift and constitute overtime. Let us know if this has occurred so we can file a grievance and expose this problem. 

Why won't the Admin put out a General Order or even a Special Order regarding their "Don't arrest unless there is a supporting deposition, or a previous Domestic report" policy ?

If your arrest is kicked back at Central Booking, to cover your ass, notify radio of your attempt and fill out the arrest refusal form and get a copy down to the PBA Office. In their attempts to show a decrease in arrests and minimize court time for Detectives, Buffalo will be a place where criminals thrive...

With the roll out of the Body Cams, I hope the public realizes discretionary calls, or warnings for infractions, will be minimal. Since the Feds have deemed that somehow a sinister cover up, people will go to jail or get that ticket they would normally get a warning for.

Friends of Paddy O are getting together Fri at 6 over at Sidelines to send him into retirement !! Certain to be a great time !!

This week we have the Board of Directors on Monday, and the General Membership Meeting on Thursday at 1300 hours.


Tonight, Sat, there are send offs for LT Vicky Smith and Insp Gregg Blosat, both of whom I had the pleasure of working with. Great people, Congrats !! I am unable to attend on account of illness. Cold that won't quit ...

Can't believe it's been a year since Tommy Moran left us....


Congrats to recent retirees Det Patrick O'Rourke, PO's Chauncey White, Lori Kmidowski and Mike Bauer !! You all made it !!

We are going to PERB Thurs and Fri. These hearings are regarding the Sheriffs K9 dogs working last years Allentown Art Festival, while ours were not called in. The other is regarding the City hiring private security for our Police Headquarters.....

Attended very nice parties for Capt Jim Fagan and Mike Bauer, great guys, we wish them well !!

Spectrum and the Buffalo news have erroneously reported that the PBA has paid for all of Corey's legal bills. I don't know where they got that info. It is not true. While we have assisted as our by laws provide. Corey has incurred substantial legal bills for his defense.

The federal jury found Corey not guilty on 3 of the counts against him. They were deadlocked on the 4th. There will be future hearings to determine if the Govt will procede with a another trial on that 4th charge. We appreciate the jury's time and effort. Also, a huge thank you to ATTY's Terry Connors, Nick Romano and Herb Greenman who did a great job pointing out inconsistancies in the Govts case!!! As well the assistance of Rod Personius helped greatly.


The support at the trial has been tremendous.

Diedre Carswell withdrew her PERB charge against the PBA.

The Judge charged the jury with an Allen charge, basically asking them to try harder to come to a unanimous decision.

Jury is out through Monday....

Capt Jim Fagan is having a retirment send off this Sunday the 24th out at Strikers Lanes, 50 Michael Rd. West Seneca. Runs from 2-6pm, $30 incl beer and food. Certain to be a great time !!

No decision from the Fed Jury today, back at it Thurs morning...

On Thursday we will be addressing the pre-employed trainees from this academy. Also on Thursday there are several IAD statements...

We have IOD Arbitrations with arbitrator Selchick on Wed.


PBA Office will be closed Monday for Presidents Day. Enjoy the weekend !!

Congrats go out to PO's Debbie Perry and Mary Beth Billings on their retirements !! Wishing them the best !!!

This no arrest policy is ridiculous. We had an arrest reversed because, although the individuals were apprehended trespassing/burglarizing a house, there was no complainant (owner lives in NYC). So, the individuals were unarrested. On another occassion there was a domestic in which one sliced the other across his nose. She confessed to the responding officers that she did it, but he was refused to press charges. Because of this, the arrest was kicked back at Central Booking and she went home. 10 hours later there is a domestic call at the same address....thankfully neither party was murdered. What if they had been? Would our Administration have been culpable? The Officers? The only reason for this is to attempt to fool the public into thinking that crime is down in the city. After having 57 murders in the city in 2018....

Corey's jury deliberations resume on Tues the 19th at 9am.


We had informals today (Wed), no surprises. Corey's trial resumes Thurs at 9:00. Have to say, I can't believe this case is in federal court. It is much about nothing. I'm disgusted that the US Atty is entertaining this nonsense. It was interesting to hear that our former Commissioner, Dan Derenda, initiated this federal action, surpassing our own IAD Bureau...


Spoke with DA John Flynn, 1st Deputy DA Mike Keane and Deputy DA Joe Agro regarding the added supporting deposition requirement.....THE DA'S OFFICE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. THERE WAS NEVER AN ISSUE FROM THEIR END..... I believe this is simply an attempt to further complicate the arrest process in order to decrease the number of arrests and claim crime is down in our city...I don't know how keeping violent offenders on the streets makes city residents any safer...This is a ridiculous procedure.

Just a note, once you extinguish your unit/division/districts manpower list for OT, you can call in anybody you can get. Only in Cell Block do you have to call B-Dist officers first.....Other than that there are no exclusions from whom you may call....

Obed and Rob put together a fantastic retirement party last night. Thanks to Jen, Lori, Tina and Tracy as well !!  It was great to see all the retirees come out and enjoy themselves !! Templeton Landing did a great job as well !!


So Rod Watson doesn't like the  Thin Blue Line organization....have to wonder if it is because the organization helps families of fallen officers ? C'mon Rod, you can come up with something better than that. And as far as the woman from the Bflo Chapter of Black Lives Matter, the incidents noted were all investigated and the officers involved were exonerated....By the way, years ago Rod wrote an article accusing officers of planting evidence, myself included. I contacted him and told him what actually happened and offered to meet him and walk him through the arrest. He wouldn't, nor did he ever write a follow up article....not a credible, responsible reporter in my estimation. 

We are in Albany for the annual "Lobby Day". This years issues, hoping to protect our disciplinary jackets (50a) as well attempting to keep bail for offenders in place. Uphill battles with the Democrats controlling the Assembly and Senate....


Congrats to LT Robin Thomas (D), PO's Mike DeVito (Traffic) and Lori Kmidowski (Range) on their retirements! We wish them nothing but the best !!

Corey's trial starts the 28th. It is over at federal court. Stop by when you can to witness the US Attys office attempt to crucify a hard working officer. (100 arrests annually) Watch to see the lengths they will go to in an attempt to try and convince a jury that he is a terrible, corrupt cop who should be incarcerated. Ridiculous !

Fri 1/25 there is a retirement party for D Dist PO Mike Davis. 6-11pm at the Metropolitan, 1670 Main St Bflo. $30 incl beer, food and music !!

I will not be available for the next week, please call the Office with any questions or concerns. Back on Feb 4th.

If you are ordered/notified to go to a training, say radar, and you are WV, save the OT denial slip, we'll need it for the grievance. As well as,  if you get your shift changed on successive days...bring the P-3's that demonstrate that down.

Saw an interesting piece on how municipalities are ditching the body cam's because of costs associated......Seems the personnel the depts have had to hire are too big of a drain on their finances. They need people to edit and produce the video, and it isn't cheap. This is over and above the cost of the storage itself....interesting to say the least.


The office will be closed Monday in observance of the MLK holiday. Open Tues morning at 8am.

There's a get together for retired Traffic PO Oscar Barretto on Sat night. J's White Elephant, 7-11pm- $25 includes food/booze.

We have 56 functioning vehicles amongst our 5 patrol districts. Comparably, Rochester has 225......

Wed we have Step 3's...

Today, Tues, we are heading over to the Common Council mtg. Police Oversight is meeting at 2:00pm. Topic of discussion will be the changing of the Det's shifts, as well, shorting A Dist a Capt position. We will enlighten them about the horrendous vehicle situation as well.

Joe M is extremely grateful for all the support he has received....

Keeping our fellow firefighter in our prayers.

Busy week, had Board of Directors on Monday, Tues and Wed we were in Albany for PCNY. Thursday was our monthly meeting and promotional ceremony, congrats to all that have been promoted !!!

Lt Rickey Lark and Det Mike Mordino had very nice send offs respectively. We wish them nothing but the best !!


Two more Narcotics detectives have been cut, as well another from Homicide.....

AIU PO John Petricca was given a warm send off last evening. Solid guy, wish him a long healthy retirement !!

Capt Phil Serafini had a very nice send off last evening. Great guy, we wish him the best !!!

We are still settling in to the new office. Phones are still being worked on, hopefully this is resolved soon.

I had to laugh when I saw the body camera stories on the news. Newsflash - we aren't going to/ don't have cars to get to the calls to create footage. There were 7 functioning police cars in E dist the other night. To run the overlap we need 21 for patrol officers alone. This must be a purposeful attempt to decrease the number of arrests, if cops can't get to calls then they can't make arrests...


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